A graduate from North Carolina State University (Bachelor of Architecture) in 1996, Trey has more than twenty-three years of experience in design on a variety of project types – from large ($100+ million dollar) flagship hospitals to small scale retail & office spaces to single family residences. He has worked in a variety of architectural settings from large scale regional A&E firms to small 5-person specialized design studios.

Trey founded DesignSphere in 2018 to utilize his architectural and interior design experience to focus on small scale projects, mostly small scale office, retail, and single-family residential. Trey strives for a truly collaborative and holistic approach to design and often collaborates with other design disciplines such as landscape architects, interior designers, furniture designers, builders, and other artists and craftsmen. His practical, hands-on understanding of the design process along with his expertise in the 3D visualization industry (see his ArchViz business: RenderSphere) – allows him to combine design and visualization into an interactive and client-focused approach. Trey truly understands his clients’ need to “see” and understand each phase of the design process which empowered them to make informed decisions and adjustments before moving into the construction phase of the project.

With a long-time passion for modern design, Trey has served for over 3 years as a Board Member for Modern Richmond, a local non-profit that seeks to promote, educate, and celebrate Modernism in Richmond and beyond. Through Modern Richmond, Trey helps identify exceptional modern buildings for monthly tours and was one of three committee members that led the organization to develop the first Modern Richmond Book released in April of 2019. The book celebrates 10 years of tours (100+ buildings total) and highlights 50 of those 100 projects. Not only was Trey a instrumental in the creation and development of the book as a whole, but he also designed a house that is featured in the Book: The Peters Ramsey House (3008 Grayland Ave.), he had 25 of his photographs included in the book, and he is one of a handful of authors that contributed essays for the book. Trey’s essay discusses “Modern Details” and draws upon several of the highlighted projects to illustrate how thoughtful and inspired details can help reinforce the modern concepts of the project as a whole.